Stuart Lansdale

Stuart Lansdale
Technology & Business

Business automation and processes expert with a strong leaning to vacation rentals and real estate

Let Tech Drive Success

Bringing tech and automation into your business enables you to make more money and run a more efficient operation. 

Work smarter, not harder
Automation means less mistakes and more productivity
Save Costs with automation
Manual processes are costing you more money than you realize
Grow faster and more efficiently
Setting up scalable, repeatable processes will enable your business to grow
I can help you
through automation and technology

Understanding Your Business

How I Work

It is always good to take a brief phone call to understand the pain points you are facing. Quite often solutions can be found which you may not have thought of. I understand that every company has a different tech stack of products they use and can work with that.

Proceeding with automation

After an initial phone call, I will come back to you with an emailed proposal. I will outline to you the scope of the work, how I plan to tackle it and the costs involved. If you would like to proceed at this point I’ll send over to you terms and timeframe for completion.

About me

I have been fortunate to work with startups and SMEs for the past 10 years. Some with ample funding and some bootstrapped to success

Whilst settling in Southeast Asia, I launched a startup called Roomfilla. We provide vacation rental management with a heavy reliance on tech. Going through the JFDI accelerator in Singapore and later raising funding from investors taught me the value of automation and business efficiencies. 

Roomfilla is still going strong today growing approximately 30%+ year on year. I put my thoughts on automation into practice and run Roomfilla as a heavily automated business with minimal costs. Most people are surprised how little we spend. 

I am one of a few Zapier Certified Experts globally. I am in the business of solving problems. The problem you have may not be straightforward but solutions exist!

automate today!

Send me an email to get the ball rolling. I enjoy solving the challenges your business is facing however big or small!

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"I've worked with Stuart intensively throughout the 100-day JFDI Accelerate program. He's one of the most decisive and disciplined entrepreneurs I've ever met. Nothing stops him, he is super resourceful and creative in coming up with solutions to challenges. He's a machine!"
Chikai Huang