Stuart Lansdale

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Automation Expert

With a keen interest in technology and a passion for learning new things, it was little wonder that I found myself happiest behind a computer screen solving problems. Firstly through manual solutions. As my own skill set grew and the problems began to scale, I relish the opportunity to create solid solutions for my own business and others.

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Since starting Roomfilla I have been traveling around Southeast Asia. Being exposed to such a vibrant and youthful environment with so much potential on a day to day basis is great! So many young and promising businesses and ambitious individuals help me to thrive. Being surrounded by such an atmosphere enables me to think fast, execute solutions at speed in ways that make a real impact.

10 Years



Automation expert

No Problem

Is too big or too small!

Keep Business Simple

You run a small business and have no interest in learning complicated systems or how to code. You just want solutions that are easy to use and effective. I get it. Using complicated jargon to confuse clients is something I’d never do. Effective systems that work are. I want your business to succeed.

Practical & Efficient

I am a strong advocate of the no code movement. It is surprising what can be achieved without the use of code. More tools and products can be implemented in harmony creating powerful workflows. Solutions which did not use to be possible, now are. I am not against using code with clients but by providing a practical and efficient approach where speed and efficiency are key to success the end product is all that matters.

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