Stuart Lansdale

You Move Me

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You Move Me is a moving company operating across the US. They help people move homes, offices and whatever else is required. They work with clients of all sizes and bring a professional approach to moving. You are probably thinking what does a moving company require tech for? Actually a lot of the business can be automated and it has been a delight working with them to make this a reality.

Helping You Move Me with a bulletproof SMS system to remind customers of their on-site estimates, removals and payment of invoices is just one of the things I created for them. Automating the whole invoice process so that the customer is asked for the deposit, payment logged and moving date entered correctly in the system is just another. Under the hood of such a business there is a lot of data entry and manual jobs that need to be completed every time with a new customer. Helping the You Move Me Miami team fix a lot of this to be automatic has been a lot of fun.

Insurance also plays a big part in this space as the moving company needs to be covered for where they operate. Helping to construct a database of properties and insurance documentation means that You Move Me can move faster than their competitors as they are already insured for most of the buildings in Miami. This database automatically updates based on expired documents and pulls in new documents from the broker when received. The professional tech-enabled approach to business helps them succeed.


A lot of traditional business could benefit from tech within their business. Eliminating manual processes also eliminates human error. It allows you to have confidence in your infrastructure and focus on growth. You Move Me is a great example of this and it has been great fun to work with them.

Are you running a traditional business with lots of manual data entry or repetitive processes? Looking to shave that responsibility from a team member and get it automated to start saving money and free up time for the important tasks like growing the business? No problem! Let’s have a chat and see how I could help you with that.