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Roomfilla was started as a side project in 2014 by myself before becoming an official company in 2015 when joining the JFDI accelerator in Singapore. We are now the largest provider of properties to sites such as Airbnb within Southeast Asia. The company helps vacation rental and hospitality businesses improve revenue through heavy automation. Working with a varieties of properties from condos, villas, resorts and hotels, it is a business that continues to morph and stay ahead of the curve.

The business is run very lean, this is a conscious decision to try and do more with less and improve growth with innovation in the space. Over the years some projects have worked and some have not. BNBChatbot is a notable failure which you can read the postmortem of here. Whereas venturing into tours and transport for our existing guests has and continues to show exciting growth.

Low code and a focus on solutions that just work makes Roomfilla an interesting business. The backend is a mix of tools that just work. Over 200 zaps are working from Zapier. Multiple Integromat scenarios are also crucial for the smooth running of the business and a few short snippets of code. Roomfilla is a business that is simple, not easy. The automation enables the staff to focus on future growth and revenue.

From a side project to a company with multiple units spanning 9 countries. Heavy automation has enabled the business to grow and thrive in a highly competitive market and continue to show growth year after year.

If you are looking to grow a startup and don’t know where to start with automation, get in touch and let’s have a call. There are usually a bunch of tasks that can be automated right away to free up your team and let them focus on growing the business. The more manual work that you have in your business, the more it costs your business.