Stuart Lansdale

Hotel Akureyri

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Hotel Akureyri is situated in Iceland. The hotel is part of a group consisting of multiple other buildings. Some of this accommodation has no reception and automated entry on the doors of the units for rent. Operating in the hospitality space is something I have a lot of experience with so it was a great experience understanding the journey of the guests and what was needed to be setup to make this as fluid as possible.

Going deep within Hotel Akureyri’s property management system (PMS), it was found that SMS could be invaluable with a way to let guests know the codes to the units they had booked. The challenge is sending this information via email and SMS at a time which doesn’t create a security concern but that they would still see it. This was a fun system to set up working with a global customer base and the challenges that presents for SMS communications.

The client also has a small staff who are assigned different tasks to prepare for guest arrivals. Prior to my assistance, the staff would get the same jobs over and over which led to some monotony. Implementing a round robin style system so that these tasks are evenly distributed and change on a day to day basis creates a more stimulating work environment and increases the moral of the staff.

There is a lot more to a hospitality business than simply selling the rooms and waiting for guests to arrive. I worked with this client to automate some of these backend essential processes to ensure their business runs smoothly and they continue to receive high reviews across the board.

Hospitality is a hard business to get right. It is the business that I have the most experience in and I am sure I can help you put into place some bulletproof processes to ensure that your customers can have confidence in your operation and have a positive experience. If you have some ideas on how you want to improve your business but don’t know how to make that vision a reality, get in touch and let’s see if we can work together to chisel out a solution.