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Explore Phi Phi

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Explore Phi Phi is a tour and travel business operating trips out of Koh Phi Phi in Southern Thailand. It was born out of a frustration for travelers who have no clear pricing on trips and have to spend half their time on the island negotiating and talking with different shops, boat captains and agents to get a trip sorted. That is only half the story though because then you aren’t sure what is included, what isn’t and where the trip will actually go.

Creating Explore Phi Phi was a lot of fun. Removing the ambiguity about booking such trips on Phi Phi with a clear fixed price, honest descriptions on the trips themselves and a team behind the scenes who actually really care about customer satisfaction. The challenge was connecting the purchases coming in, with the local operators so they are aware of when and where trips take place and how many people are booked on them.

For this I created some email parsing rules to work on the confirmation of the bookings. Everything gets logged in the system and a messenger chatbot sends the local captains the details of the booking so they can confirm it on their end. The customer is also sent a message with the details for the meet point and what to bring. This is all done without having to lift a finger making it a pretty automated business and one that just works.


Selling additional services to an accommodation provider can really help with the bottom line. If you are providing customers with an easy way to book something they most likely were going to book anyway then it is a winner for everyone. It helps to make a business more resilient, more professional and a cut above the rest of operators in the space.

Do you have a business where your customers are always purchasing something else which you don’t sell? Why not add it to your arsenal? Sell it, automate the process and make more revenue. It is very simple to do and I’d be more than happy to help you do that.