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CBD oil is a new and exciting space. It is a trend that continues to grow across the world and I had the great pleasure of getting in there early with a client who wanted to create a fully automated ecommerce store to sell CBD products to the UK and European markets. CBD businesses tend to fall under draconian cannabis laws in the US meaning that it is a lot more challenging than you initially think to set this up. Some of the tools to create such a store prohibit use so it requires thinking outside the box to set up successfully.

You can read more about some of the challenges faced with setting this up successfully here. Setting up online payment processing and web hosting was more difficult due to the legal climate but a hurdle we got over. CBD Legends has a passionate community of users of the product who claim it helps them with ailments from stress and anxiety to PTSD and cancer. The next challenge was creating something that would allow these customers to benefit in the success of the business.

Creating an affiliate program where customers could share their links on social media enabled them to get free or discounted product or even just straight up cash. The most impressive thing about CBD Legends is it is a fully automated business. It works with a fulfillment house so orders are automatically packaged and sent out. Customers receive all communication automatically and the client has a very hands-off business so they can focus on other things.

Legal challenges of businesses involved with products like CBD can be difficult to overcome. No challenge is impossible though and it was a pleasure working with this client to get them to a place where the business runs itself and they only have to worry about stock levels (a good problem to have)!

Would you like to sell a niche product online but have no idea where to start? Are you already selling online but spend your days manually packaging, emailing customers and find it consuming all of your time? There are ways to automate a lot of ecommerce stores and I’d love to show you how.