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Building an Auto Reconciliation Tool for Xero

Xero is a pretty cool tool for accounting. It helps you to input all your income and outgoings and populates charts which tell you what is going on. Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and all the good stuff! I wish I could say that I had this stuff organized from the beginning but that would be a big lie. Roomfilla was incorporated in August 2015. I have just finished putting the best part of 4 years of transactions into Xero and found some issues.

No Auto Reconcile / Bulk Reconcile in Xero

With the bank feeds that you can integrate with Xero, chances are your bank will feed transactions directly into the system. The problem is if you find yourself in the situation that I found myself in and having to manually input a bunch of old transactions into the system. I sped this process up massively using Zapier and Parseur and a few other tricks but even after that, you get an orange unreconciled mark on the transaction… this kinda sucks. The only way you can really get this done is to go into the transaction, click a menu button and then click a button to reconcile. Long. Winded. Nonsense.

It was at this point that I thought there must be a better way to do it. I then remembered a tool I have used for such monotonous tasks before called Fake and got to work with building a workflow and it was surprisingly straightforward to do.

The Outline

The workflow I wanted to create needed to automatically click on the transactions which were not reconciled and do the clicks in the right places to reconcile those documents. Simply really. I thought it would be good if I could set the amount of loops that the flow would run through and also put in some conditions. I saw that on the main statement page ‘unreconciled’ appeared so I could definitely use that as a condition to proceed. Also when clicking ‘Mark as reconciled’ it loads a success message. Again I can use this as a condition to only proceed if this message appeared.

The Process

It really is super simple to build this in Fake. First of all you need to create a repeat block and you can toggle that to repeat as many times as you need to. Secondly, you want to load the URL of the bank statement with the ‘unreconciled’ transactions on it. You will need to filter this by the reconciled row to ensure you get the unreconciled transactions at the top. I then created a mouse event to click the top one in the list. You can hold ctrl and drag to where you want to click. Super easy! After this I created a mouse event to click the menu, and again to click the ‘Mark as Reconciled’ tab. You can see at the start I have a condition to ensure there are some transactions to be reconciled and at the end I have a condition waiting for the success message.

This is a success! A simple workflow to save you time clicking through all this nonsense yourself. Set it for how many transactions you have to reconcile and get on with something else.

That’s about it. There are a lot of boring admin tasks that can be automated with tools like Fake. I had 4 years worth of transactions to do here and it made the process a lot more pleasant. A bulk reconcile tool for Xero would be super useful or a way to do it in their system but it simply doesn’t exist. This is a nice workaround to do it quickly. Quick side note – I can understand why they don’t have a bulk tool as these transactions should all be checked and confirmed. We did this before they reached Xero though so it was a case of trying to get them in the system as efficiently as possible. I hope this has helped someone!

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